7 Ways to Increase your immune system with Curmmuno

by Ishat bhatt on Aug 07, 2020

7 Ways to Increase your immune system with Curmmuno

Curmmuno is a 100% vegan, organic immune booster made in India. The orange capsules look different than other products, a variety of spices and vegetables. What benefits can your immune system achieve with them?

Ashwagandha good for Brain and Blood Cells

Ashwagandha is an up to 3 feet tall plant that is local to India. It is especially useful for situations of stress. Lowering your blood pressure and calm your brain is just part of its abilities. Its components are perfect for your brain's cells and improve overall memory. It also can reduce swelling and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. But its most valuable effect is on the human immune system. It can increase the overall amount of white blood cells. A person's resistance to infections can strengthen. The higher production of these cells makes ashwagandha a powerful ingredient in Curmmuno and valuable for you and your health.

Cinnamon for throat and against bacteria

Cinnamon is very known in the western and eastern kitchen, yet most used as a spice. Farmers source it from the branches of the Cinnamomum trees. In the traditional Indian and Asian medicine, the spice is a treatment against coughs. Also, your sour throat can benefit from the spice. The spice has antimicrobial abilities, that may slow down the development of bacteria. Better health in your gut, and also your teeth are the result of this. Effects of Blood sugar regulation and prevention of neurological disorders also result from cinnamon, some say.

Breathing easier with honey

Honey is among the most potent health benefits available. It contains plenty of bio-active substances, and also lots of antioxidants. The naturally sweet material is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Especially remarkable is its healing ability regarding respiratory diseases. If you feel like you might catch a cold, you will probably have successfully helped your immune system with a teaspoon of honey as medicine. It can help with hay fever and allergies against pollen. Honey, put in your tee, for example, helps with sore throats and catching that important healing sleep. As an ingredient in our Curmmuno Formula, we achieved the best combination of honey's positive effects. Curmmuno honey perfectly harmonizes with your body and strengthens you from the inside out. Literally, since honey is benefiting your heart circulation system as well.

Enzymes in Jethimadh

You may have heard of Jethimadh in its more popular western name, licorice root. Used are mainly the plant's roots. They are typically after 2- 3 Years of growth. Also, they have plenty of enzymes, which are said to be a powerful immune booster. It was and still is very famous in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. The effects it is supposed to cause are reduced symptoms when being struck with bronchitis, coughs, and even asthma. The reason for this is macrophages and lymphocytes produced because of being triggered by enzymes in the plant's roots. Therefore, the plant causes your body to become more protective actively.

The combination of benefits: Curmmuno Formula

The combination of the ingredients is even more potent than each component on their own. We at Satva Organic researched, tested, and combined a powerful immune boost to protect yourself against possible health- threats. Our 100% vegan, organic, and sustainable sourced product Made in India only has four high- quality ingredients. Curmmuno consists of ashwagandha, jethimadh, honey, and Neem. Together, they are especially beneficial for your breathing system. Enzymes in the roots of jethimadh combined with honey for lungs and nose combined with cinnamon for the throat will provide you with aid when ill and protection when healthy. In the current situation, facing a global pandemic of a disease attacking this specific part of your body, Curmmuno can provide the perfect base to help your immune system in this uncertain time. 

Possible infections can also be slowed down by the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidizing abilities of the ingredients. Combined, they cover many bacteria that will now have a way harder time infecting your body.

A Constant Support

Curmmuno is best taken twice a day, with a time interval of 12 hours in between. The included 60 capsules will last you for a month this way, and even longer if you choose to take less. This distribution makes the natural support of the ingredients have the perfect balance. Increasing your protection against potential threats to your immune system, it can benefit your overall health immensely. Especially regarding diseases of the breathing system, in these times, it is more important than ever to protect your immune system from falling ill. Over the long term, Curmmuno can have an even more substantial impact and benefit you with more with blood cells. Constant consumption will increase your body's ability to protect itself better during the annual flu waves, contagions, or infections.

Pure Organio commitment for sustainability

Any Product bought from, like Curmmuno, will be an investment in organic, sustainable, and high-quality food. Their founder, Mr. Patel of satva organic, started the brand almost 10 years ago. His goal was the creation of excellent, organic, and healthy Indian organic food. Curmmuno is one of the reasons Mr. Patel has received many awards and prizes over the years. He is a former IT Specialist that opted out of emigration to the US for his passion for agriculture. A scientific approach to farming and a passion for his products is why Satvas Products are so good. 

Whatever product you may choose, you will feel the love that created it. We assure you that no artificial or toxic ingredient will enter your body through our product. A symbiosis between humans and nature through good, sustainable food is beneficial for both parties and will strengthen us in the long run.

Reverence by nature, not just their slogan but also their deeply rooted commitment to harvest and produce in harmony with their environment. Curmmuno can be another step for you to be a part of that harmony and strengthen yourself.


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