Why Organic ?

Choosing organic food means one very important thing: taking care of your physical health and nature's health. When you buy and use organic products, you will pick greens that have been growing with the sole use of natural resources. Just like it used to be many years ago! Indeed, organic food does not involve the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and GMOs. All organic products are the result of sustainable and strictly controlled agriculture. In this way, the whole ecosystem benefits from them: it generates greater biodiversity, and according to several studies, organic agriculture increases the fertility of the land. The water is also cleaner because fewer pesticides are used, which contaminate the sources, the sea as well as the air that we breathe (less CO2). Besides, it does not mean you have little choice! By choosing organic products, you do not give up anything. Although it is recommended to avoid derivative and processed products, these are yet available at organic form. For those who have to make a quick lunch, there are also organic prep foods and many other snacks to enjoy. You can still pick among different foods while enjoying the genuine and authentic flavors of the past.

What are benefits of organic ?

There are many benefits as to why people buy organic food. There have been many studies about organic foods, and here we will list some of the best health benefits to eating organic. The first and most significant benefit of eating organic is the lack of fewer pesticides and heavy metals. As many know, farmers use pesticides to protect their plants for dangerous insects and other animals. However, health experts warn people about the repeated exposure to this, for example, the insecticide chlorpyrifos has been connected to different conditions which can be dangerous. An increased amount of healthy fats is a second benefit to eating organic. Livestock that has been raised organic can have about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids. It is a type of unsaturated healthy fat. The livestock gets this because of how much time it spends outside, running around more, paired with a grass-fed diet. The last great benefit of eating organic is that there are no antibiotics or synthetic hormones in your food; drug residue could contribute to widespread antibiotic resistance. This is because conventional livestock is often fed these items to prevent illnesses and to get them to grown big as fast as possible. The FDA has tried limiting the number of certain antibiotics in livestock, but most farmers still manage to find loopholes to use them. For this reason, choosing organic products is essential as you will know how your food is produced.

What is Organic ?

Organic food includes every product that is produced by using organic farming. Moreover, what does organic farming mean? Organic farming is a production system that respects the health of the people and the environment in all its distinct phases. The organic production system does not involve the usage of any synthetic chemical product and any genetically modified organism. This method aims at preserving and improving the characteristics of the soil while respecting different life forms and, of course, biodiversity. Recycling and recovering are on the fundamentals of organic farming. The usage of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic insecticides, and fungicides is prohibited and replaced with natural fertilizers. These fertilizers include manure or organic compost (which comes from decomposed food). In the end, organic foods are those products that derive from the implementation of natural methods. In the food industry, the use of colorants, preservatives, synthetic additives, and preservation processes is banned for the preparation of pre-packaged organic food. Thus, the final product must comply with organic certification standards. From a medical point of view, the usage of organic food delivers a better blood quality (due to the antioxidants contained) and a lower amount of toxins to be disposed of. For growing children, eating organic means having their bodies less polluted from toxic substances and having them grow healthier.

What is hand Pounding ?

powder. This is used worldwide but originated in south-east Asia where people did this to get a unique taste from their spices and to get a deep connection with them. When using hand-pounded spices in your food, you'll be able to taste the deep aromatics and all the flavors they provide. Many Asian restaurants already make use of these, this is also the reason why trying to replicate the Asian kitchen in your own home is so difficult. It is most of the time done by a mortar and pestle, hence the name because you have to pound it with your hands. This tool has been used for more than a thousand years, and you can easily get one for yourself. It will look good on your kitchen counter and will provide you with an extra taste in your meals. Another tool is the coffee grinder, it will go faster, and it's easier to process large quantities of spices at once and quickly mix different spices together. Still, there is the possibility of it not grinding very fine. There are many variations of this appliance, such as electric ones where you just put a button or a manual one where you have to grind the wheels inside manually.

Why Organic is costly than regular ?

Conventionally speaking organic products tend to be more expensive than regular products. There are many reasons for this, but the most important thing to remember is that organic products are more costly because they are more healthy. Some of the biggest reasons as to why organic food is more expensive are that the demand is higher for organic food, higher standards for animal welfare, extra price to get the certification logo and additional environmental enhancement and protection. Another reason is that the production costs are higher. Farmers also need more education and training to be able to farm organic foods. There is a more significant need for labor input taking care of the produce. Post-harvest handling is also more expensive because farmers try to limit the use of preservation ingredients and other things. Many organic foods also get lost when producing them, for example, some insects can eat the plants and fruits because they aren't treated with any pesticides or insecticides. Our team thinks that the health benefit that you get from eating organic foods is worth the extra price you pay for them. Many studies have proven that it makes you healthier and you gain extra vitamins, so we recommend eating organic.

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