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Who We Are?

Pure Organio was established in 2020 and is heavily inspired by the Indian Primeminister's Make in India concept. The idea behind it is to foster growth in India, increase competitiveness and strengthen India's economy. The founders of Pure Organio create opportunities for Indian farmers to sell and promote their world-class products by providing an online platform. Right now, is a perfect time to start something like this, since large numbers of households are finally going online in India, which gives them more opportunity to sell their products. The focus is on providing pure organic products that are certified and Made in India. But why is it so important to the founders to ensure that the products are organic? And why should you even consider switching to organic products? Let's find out.

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Authentic Organic Farmers

We just obtain 100% affirmed Organic items, straightforwardly from individual farmers, farmer gatherings or Farmers Producer Companies. Our Close coordination with them to guarantees moral Organic practices.

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Now, you might wonder what does pure organic product stand for? A pure organic product is defined as a good in the production of which no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, and no harmful chemicals were used. Additionally, the product does not contain additives or preservatives. Pure Organio promises all of their products to be certified products which comply with their high standards. Many people believe that organic products are healthier than conventionally produced products. Even though it is not scientifically proven that organic products have more nutrients than normal products, it is clear that the lack of chemicals and pesticides is much better for the human body.

Why Pureorganio?

High Nutritional Value

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Certified Brand

There is organic certification that helps producers of organic food get certified through internationally accredited certification institutions such as Control Union, Onecert, IMO, Indocert, and others.

About Certified Products

But how does Pure Organio ensure that all of the products are up to their expectations? There is organic certification that helps producers of organic food get certified through internationally accredited certification institutions such as Control Union, Onecert, IMO, Indocert, and others. That makes the process of verifying organic products much easier and less costly. The label of the organic certification aims at quality assurance and fraud prevention. Accordingly, "certified organic" products assure customers worldwide of the excellence of the goods. The standards are determined and supervised in India by APEDA, which was established in India in 1985. The standard is called the NPOP – National Programme for Organic Production.

There has been a clear change towards higher consumption of organic goods. Now you might be wondering why the world is changing towards buying more organic products from companies like Pure Organio? There are various advantages for you, but also for the environment and the rest of the world. With the increased economic prosperity in recent years, people began to care more about their well being the same as the environmental issues all around us.

The organic farmers behind the products of Pure Organio have decided to dedicate themselves to keeping the planet Earth in a sustainable state. In order to achieve that, they grow their products while avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides and therefore keeping the water clean and the air clear. Keeping the soil alive is of high importance to all organic farmers, and by growing crops the natural way and fostering an organism-rich soil, companies employing organic farmers like Pure Organio ensure that Earth keeps on giving to us humans. The soil is kept alive and in equilibrium by implementing a culture of composting, natural pest control, and other natural farming practices. Additionally, Pure Organio's farmers know and study climate and the natural cycles in order to cultivate produce in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. There are a few techniques which farmers have to utilize if they want to be classified as an organic farmer. One of these processes is the practice of rotating crops.

But what does that mean? Contrary to mono-cropping where farmers grow the same crop on the same field year after year, in rotating crops, the plants are grown on a different field each year. As Pure Organio grows various plants like ginger and turmeric, they make sure to take turns on different fields. That assures that the soil is not stripped of nutrients as each plant contributes a different nutrient back to the soil, and it is therefore replenished. This also results in no need to use insecticides as the natural habitat of damaging insects is destroyed with constantly changing plants. Another way Pure Organio protects the environment is by using cover crops. These are plants that preserve the soil, replenish nutrients, impede damaging weed growth, and trap moisture. As a consequence of that, they attract microflora and fauna, which in turn hinders the growth of problematic vermin, such as fungi or insects. However, not all insects are negative for farmers. Pure Organio's farmers even release beneficial insects which function as natural pest control. This use of natural predators of the pest insects eradicates the need for chemical insecticides, which would damage the environment and have negative effects on people's health.

Talking about health, there is another great advantage of organic products such as organic ginger or organic turmeric over non-organic ones. As Pure Organio makes sure that the offered products contain no additives or preservatives, they are especially beneficial to your health. The produce which goes into the organic products of Pure Organio is grown sustainably, which gives them their natural taste. The carefully grown plants contain a higher amount of vitamins and minerals than their comparable non-organic counterparts, and they are even richer in antioxidants. Due to farming without toxic pesticides and insecticides, the Pure Organio products present no harm to your health. On the contrary, they boost your immune system and reduce your risk of disease.

Switching to organic products is clearly not only a great choice for a sustainable future of planet Earth, but also for your personal health. The choice you make as a consumer when buying Pure Organio is one towards a better future, where the Earth is given the chance to regenerate, and the soil we live on is used responsibly. Supporting smaller companies like Pure Organio who make an effort to contribute to making the world a more sustainable place and try to make you as healthy as possible is your way to improve your life and feel good about it.