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Pure Organio Organic Black Pepper (Whole)

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  • ✅ORGANIC BLACK PAPPER - 100% Natural, Non-GMO, No Preservatives, Vegan, Gluten Free PREMIUM Gourmet Food Grade Spice, is hand harvested from the best whole peppers, beautifully packed to preserve the freshness and taste, delivered right to your door.When sealed and stored dry, the whole black pepper can retain their flavour for a lot of time!
  • ✅ADD IT IN YOUR COOKING - This versatile flavor-enhancer is worth adding to your daily cooking routine, as its bold flavor is a great addition to almost any dish. Use on burgers, steaks, poultry, pork, roasts, seafood, salami, sausage, salad dressing, egg dishes, stews, salsa dips, almost any dish.
  • ✅GREAT ADDITION TO ANY MEAL - Pepper lends satisfying heat and bite to most any dish and it's great for salt-free diets. It works well in combination with other herbs and spices, too, and is commonly found in spice blends.
  • ✅MORE THEN JUST A SPICE - Feel the difference with our organic spice which is the most common item found on the serving tables in every restaurant. You cannot find a restaurant table without a pepper holder. So, invest in buying a good and quality spice and keep it on the table — you never know when you might need it.
  • ✅A LOT OF USES - Black pepper is one of the most widely used spices in the world. Our organic spice can be used whole or ground.The large peppercornscan be used to refill your pepper grinders to deliver fresh cracked pepper, and to add incredible flavor to meats, vegetables, soups, seafood, and just about everything.
Rs. 415.00
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For thousands of years, black pepper has been a staple ingredient all over the world. This spice is perhaps the best-loved and most widely used, adding both heat and depth of flavor to nearly any dish. Often referred to as the “king of spices,” it comes from the dried, fruit of the native Indian plant Piper nigrum. You can have it like whole or ground black paper. Both whole black peppercorns and ground black pepper are commonly used in cooking, so you should definitely have it in your kitchen.

RICHER TASTE - Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in the world, adding warmth and zest to savory dishes. It has been popular in India for thousands of years and is now easy to find almost anywhere on the planet. It has a full, robust flavor described as almost fruity. Its mellow complexity makes it a wonderful all-purpose pepper in your kitchen. 

JUST WHAT YOU NEED FOR THE BEST FLAVOR - From a culinary standpoint, black pepper’s uses are almost endless. You can add this spice to season the steak when grilling and make it more delicious and tastier. A pinch of black pepper added to any recipe works as more than just a flavor enhancer. Black pepper has a spicy pungent flavor and can be used in processes of cooking gingerbreads, meat, vegetables, soup, and also works as a light seasoning over fresh fruits, beverages, or fried eggs. 


  • 100% black pepper
  • Origin: India
  • Suitable for a wider range of cooking styles
  • Beautifully packed to retain flavor
  • Sharp, hot, and biting taste


  • When cooking, add pepper just before removing the dish from heat to ensure the best flavor
  • Store it in an airtight glass container, and always in a cool, dry, and dark place



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