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Pure Organio Organic Black Cardamom Badi Elaichi

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  • ✅SUN DRIED WHOLE SPICE - Our Organic Black Cardamom comes straight from India. With superior quality and certified organic, free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, smoked over a fire which gives this spice it its unique aroma and sweet, smoky taste
  • ✅IMPROVE YOUR COOKING - If you’re looking to bring a new flavor into your kitchen, black cardamom seeds are the perfect addition.The spice is best suited for long-cooked, hearty dishes, like meat stews, pairs well with lime juice, which helps to cut the strong flavor and give your favorite dishes the mouthwatering taste you’ve never tasted before.
  • ✅FRESH BREATH LIKE NEVER BEFORE - Have you ever tasted cardamom?Refresh your breath with this widely used mouth freshenerand improve your poordigestive aid that is also good for your teeth with simply chewing on the seeds so it will eliminate any bad odors coming from your mouth.
  • ✅GREAT FOR COSMETIC USES - There are a number of ways this spice can be used. The oil extracted from the seeds of the herb is known as one of the most effective essential oils and is widely used in aromatherapy. From helping your health to making your hair shiny and beautiful.
  • ✅AMAZING TASTE - Black cardamom is a small herb with strong aromatic fragrancesIf you cook rice, put some grains in it whole and you'll get a special flavoured rice. You can use milk rice with it, and also add the cardamom herb to curries, stew, fish and more, provides a savory, flavorful taste.
Rs. 445.00
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Are you searching for something that will add some delicious aromatic taste to your dishes? Still, searching for the perfect organic spices? With our organic and high-quality Cardamom, you will have exactly what you’ve been searching for.

MULTIPLE BENEFITS - Black cardamom is called “the spice of heart”. It is not an extensively known herb, even though it can be used in countless ways. It has been consumed in India in ancient times as mentioned in Sanskrit writing. You can also experience some health benefits from this spice. It will help you to improve your digestive system and refresh your breath.

AMAZING TASTE AND FLAVOR – Black cardamom pods are dried over an open fire which gives them a nice smoky flavor and aroma. Beneath the smoky layer is a great menthol and minty aroma that adds that fun kick to your dishes. The cardamom spice is in the warming category meaning that it has a slight kick on the same level as black pepper, cloves, and chiles.

100% ORGANIC - This black cardamom herb is an organic spice made from the seed pods of various plants in the ginger family and is one of the best spices in the world so without a doubt, this is the spice you’ll want to use every time you’re preparing something in your kitchen. Spice is commonly used in Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes. Black cardamom is an ingredient in the warming spice mix, garam masala.


  • Other names: Hill cardamom, Bengal cardamom, greater cardamom, Indian cardamom, Nepal cardamom, winged cardamom, or brown cardamom
  • Well-suited for hearty stews, curries, stew, fish, vegetables, and Indian fare
  • All-natural, Non-GMO, no preservatives, vegan, gluten-free


  • 1 x Pure Organio Organic Black Cardamom

Our mission is to bring you 100% enjoyment in this beautifully selected aromatic spice, so DON’T WAIT and ORDER NOW!

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Pure Organio Organic Black Cardamom Badi Elaichi
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