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Organic Cinnamon Sticks

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  • ✅CINNAMON STICKS – Improve your health with this high-quality true organic cinnamon. Is full with antioxidant withno chemical, no pesticides, vegan and also made with traditional hand pounding method, using carefully picked ingredients that are sun dried to preserve the distinctive freshness and flavour.
  • ✅PERFECT CHOICE FOR EVERY KITCHEN – Improve your cooking and add some taste and good flavor in your favorite dishes with this organic spice. Perfect for baking and sweets, so this is definitely something you should have in your kitchen.
  • ✅AMAZING AROMA - Cinnamon is the world’s most used baking spice.It will adds sweet warmth and spicy aroma to beverages, curries & slow-cooked stews. A perfect stirrer for coffee & hot cocoa or simmer in apple cider or mulled red wine.
  • ✅THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF CINNAMON - Our organic cinnamon sticks are beautifully packed to keep the sticks from going stale all year round. Can be used as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive in a wide variety of cuisines, sweet and savory dishes, breakfast cereals, tea and traditional foods.
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Are you searching for something that will add a delicious aromatic taste to your dishes? Searching for the perfect organic spice? Do you wonder how you use cinnamon sticks and is it any better than the ground version? Every cuisine uses them for making some kind of dish.  

HIGH-QUALITY CINNAMON STICKS - With superior quality and certified organic, which means all of our products contain zero preservatives and fillers and are free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes.

HEALTHY & DELICIOUS - Our organic cinnamon sticks add great spice to meats, baked goods, and drinks. Perfect for curries, teas, and cakes. Place a stick in the pot to add sweetness when poaching fruit or cooking applesauce, rice pudding, or oatmeal.

BEST FOOD PAIRING – With beans, red and yellow vegetables, potatoes, ginger, chicken, lamb, meat, dairy products, couscous, lentils, rice, soups, stews, curry,

AMAZING FLAVOUR - Cinnamon sticks can be used in place of spoons for stirring hot beverages like tea and apple cider, so that the bark will begin to dissolve, adding the spice’s signature flavor to the drink. You can also make some tea. Just place water into a pot or glass kettle Add Cinnamon Stick Cinnamon sticks should be slowly boiled to extract the best flavor. Bring the water to a slow boil in a small pot or stovetop kettle. 


  • For Indian curries and Vietnamese pho noodle soup
  • 100% Raw - No additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Stir into your favorite cocktail
  • Add some spice to recipes
  • No artificial colors and preservatives
  • Organically grown without harmful pesticides and fertilizers
  • Naturally a gluten-free food


  • 1 x Pack Cinnamon Sticks 

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